Case Study

Transforming Fixed Asset Management for BoFiNet

Case Study


We are thrilled to showcase a recent success story that highlights our expertise in delivering exceptional asset management solutions. 

Our client, Botswana Fibre Networks (Pty) Ltd (BoFiNet), embarked on a journey with us to enhance their fixed asset management processes at an international level.

Client Details

  • Company Name: BoFiNet (Botswana Fibre Networks (Pty) Ltd)
  • Contact Person: Edwin Moloi
  • Email:
  • Duration of Collaboration: 4 months
  • Execution Level: International

Project Overview

BoFiNet engaged our services to address critical challenges in their Fixed Asset Management and related tasks. 

The scope of work included the supply of Asset Management & Accounting Services, encompassing the Physical Verification and Reconciliation of the Fixed Asset Register (FAR). 

Additionally, we undertook the implementation of an Asset Management Verification System, complemented by ongoing Support & Maintenance Services.

Contract Value

The project, valued at 2,500,000.00 ZAR, underscored the comprehensive nature of the services rendered to BoFiNet.

Challenges Faced

BoFiNet, like many organizations, faced complexities in managing and reconciling their fixed assets. 

This challenge prompted them to seek a robust solution that not only addressed their current issues but also provided a foundation for efficient asset management in the future.

Solution Implemented

Our team, leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry best practices, executed a meticulous plan to implement a comprehensive 

Fixed Asset Management solution for BoFiNet. 

This included:

  • Physical Verification and Reconciliation of the Fixed Asset Register (FAR).
  • Implementation of an Asset Management Verification System.
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance Services.

Implementation Process

Over the course of 4 months, our experts worked closely with BoFiNet’s team to execute the solution seamlessly. 

The process involved rigorous physical verification, system implementation, and the establishment of a robust support mechanism.

Result Obtained

The success of the project was evident in the subsequent audit, where BoFiNet received an unqualified audit opinion. 

This outcome not only validated the accuracy and reliability of their financial reporting but also affirmed the effectiveness of our asset management solution.

Client Testimonial

Edwin Moloi, the key contact person at BoFiNet, expressed his satisfaction with our services, stating, “The collaboration with Synergy Evolution significantly improved our fixed asset management processes. 

The unqualified audit opinion is a testament to the excellence and precision they brought to the project.”


This case study serves as a testament to our commitment to delivering value-driven solutions. 

By successfully transforming BoFiNet’s fixed asset management, we have not only enhanced their operational efficiency but also contributed to achieving a seamless and reliable financial reporting process.

If your organization is seeking a partner to elevate your asset management practices, we invite you to connect with us. 

Let us embark on a journey of excellence together.

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