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Asset Management In Johannesburg

It’s no doubt Johannesburg is home to a thriving economic environment. The hustle and bustle of life. Egoli! As it is famously known for. 

Not only is it home to established companies, but also to a thriving start-up culture pioneered by game changers and driven entrepreneurs looking to establish their mark. What a time to be alive!! 

So, as companies in Johannesburg or all over South Africa you’ll own a number of items that make it easier for you to run your business. These are items that bring value to the company can be buildings, intellectual property, human resources, cars, land etc.

To make sure that these “assets” bring maximum value to your business, it’s imperative that they are managed in an efficient manner. Before we dive deeper into what managing assets in Johannesburg entail, let’s start with appreciating what assets are. 

 “What is Asset Management?”, “Is Asset Management for Me?”, or “What is an Asset Manager?

Asset Management Historical context.

Assets are items that we Africans have a vast understanding of. In any era of history, there were always assets that people valued so much they wanted to grow them and make sure they are sustained. 

In the hunting and gathering era, it was rare animal skins, precious stones, and even horns. 

As our culture evolved into more sophisticated forms of trade, starting living in larger communities settled in one place, land, cattle, children, metal tools, crops etc. became new assets people held. 

What was consistent throughout these eras, even till today’s society, was the importance of good management of those assets. Of course, asset management wasn’t as structured as we know it today, but it sure wasn’t a foreign issue to them.

Thus in reality asset management isn’t a new concept.

That being said, in today’s world asset management is a critical component in process systems and maintenance, wealth creation, and even wealth transfer.

Asset management remains a critical process in any company, of any size or industry.

If you’re thinking of getting into asset management. Or want to learn more about the process. Or want tips on types of asset management and how asset management benefits you, then this article is for you.

Learn more about managing your assets by reading this article now!

Start by reading the rest of this article now on asset management in Johannesburg!

What is Asset management?

Definition – Asset management is a meticulous process of managing an individual or company’s physical and financial assets.

What are asset managers?

Definition – Asset managers are people responsible for the preservation, maintenance, and increase in value of assets.

Learn more about asset management, what it is, and how it can help your company today!

You are reading this because you are interested in asset management.

For companies looking for asset management companies in Johannesburg, in this article we detail information on asset management, types of asset management, benefits of asset management, and process of asset management. It also includes information on what an asset manager does.

What do asset managers do?

Let’s start with what asset managers are. Asset managers are people who help companies optimize a portfolio. 

A portfolio is a collection of assets.

This includes maximizing the returns and minimizing the risks. This is done while investing in the best possible assets given their objectives and budget.

As a result, asset management is the monitoring, managing, and administering of the assets of a business or individual. 

An asset manager is a person in charge of making sure your company’s assets are used efficiently, and to their potential, generating maximum financial benefits.

Asset management is a crucial aspect of any organization’s success. It can often be a difficult thing to do well because it is not just about maximizing your investments. It’s about ensuring that you have the right balance between keeping things safe versus making them perform better.

That is where we come in as Synergy Evolution. Expertise in this exercise. With vast experience working with a wide variety of clients, you can be assured that your assets are in the best hands.

Resources are limited and it can be difficult to know which tasks need your attention. But with Asset management software, we’re able to stay on top of all your assets, both tangible and intangible.

Asset management is an umbrella term used to describe the oversight and coordinated management of an enterprise’s assets.

So, what is an asset?

As already mentioned earlier, assets of the immediate past included movable assets, property, cattle, tools, jewellery, land etc.

An asset can be either tangible or intangible. The universally accepted definition of an asset is: It is anything that has value to your company, such as a machine, inventory, buildings, intellectual property, and data. 

Let’s look at the types of asset management.

Types of asset management

There are four main types of asset management:

1. Fixed Asset Management

An accounting process that seeks to track fixed assets for the purposes of financial accounting, preventive maintenance, and theft deterrence for the company.

Tracking the location, number, condition, maintenance status, and depreciation status of their fixed assets is a significant task for organizations. Serial numbers and asset tags, which are labels with barcodes for quick and precise scanning, are two common methods for monitoring fixed assets.

Using a portable barcode reader, the asset owner may do an inventory of the items and subsequently generate a report.

Both small and large organizations may purchase fixed asset management software off the shelf. Systems for corporate resource planning with fixed assets modules are available.

Some tracking techniques automate the process, such as reading bar codes from railway freight wagons with fixed scanners or tagging assets with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags.

Organizations can keep an eye on their machinery and vehicles, evaluate their state, and keep them in excellent operating order with the help of fixed asset management. 

By doing this, they reduce lost inventory, equipment breakdowns, and downtime—improving the lifetime value of an item.

2. Financial Management

how to best use available assets (cash, equity, deposits) to generate more money (earnings) for the company.

This sort of asset management works with assets that are tied to finance, as the name suggests. The paragraph above provided a few instances.

Asset managers like us have the knowledge and experience to support you in developing this asset and ensuring that this resource is used as effectively as possible to expand the business.

These can involve investing additional equity or leveraging cash reserves and deposits to buy new equipment or shares.

Financial asset management is the process of gradually increasing overall wealth via the purchase, maintenance, and selling of investments with the potential for appreciation.

3. Human Resource Management

how best to use and cultivate employees for maximum productivity and profitability (marketing) for the business.

For a city like Joburg, believe us when we claim that a company’s employees may be a great advantage. Because of how important their workers are, there are many businesses today that are flourishing. 

We are the ideal brand for managing this asset, just like any other asset. Our track record attests to the methods we apply to inspire workers and give them the necessary tools and training. 

Your company’s workers are the unicorn that will drive your business towards super profitability using our techniques.

4. Human Resource Management

what information technology resources will best suit the company’s needs and generate maximal profit.

What makes you different from the competition—proprietary information, systems, processes, etc.? What other recent developments in information technology may completely alter your situation? 

You see, this is why you need our services—a business that is aware of the necessity of managing IT in a way that benefits you financially.

IT resources have a limited lifespan. The IT asset lifetime may be proactively managed to optimise the value a business can derive from them. The stages of the lifespan may vary depending on the company, but they often comprise planning, procurement, deployment, maintenance, and retirement. 

Application of procedure throughout all lifecycle stages to comprehend the total cost of ownership and maximize asset utilization is a key component of IT asset management.

13 main Benefits of asset management?

  • Accurate asset register – do you which assets you have, where they are, their condition, and value?
  • Asset performance – do you know how your assets are performing and what their ideal performance should be?
  • Asset-related costs – is the cost of maintaining your assets optimal or should you spend less (or more) on them?
  • Capital investment –  do you have the capacity to deal with future demand? Are you making good decisions when investing in new assets?
  • Optimal maintenance – are you doing the right maintenance on your assets to prevent breakdowns? Is it cost-effective?
  • Risk management – are all your asset-related risks under control? Have they been identified, analyzed, and treated as far as possible?
  • Safety – is your plant safe for the people who work there? Could you be faced with the consequences of an accident or health problem?
  • Competent people – are your people competent to operate and maintain the assets effectively? Or should you be outsourcing some activities?
  • Spare parts and maintenance – are you keeping the right spare parts and material in stock? Are you keeping optimal amounts of these spare parts?
  • Technical information – is your asset information (drawings, specifications, and procedures) accurate and up to date?
  • Improving utilization and eliminating waste – are they any wasteful activities compromising the full utilization of assets?
  • Enabling productivity without compromising reliability – how can we be reliable and productive at the same time?
  • Providing a single source of truth – easy access to reports on all assets the company owns

Solutions Synergy Evolution offers your business in Johannesburg.

Here’s an overview of solutions that you can choose from. Click on the highlighted link to get more information.

1. Asset management solutions

  • Asset, employees, leases, space, and other verifications
  • Data collection, cleansing, and analytics
  • Any type of research work
  • Asset reconciliations

2. Business development, consulting, and advisory services solutions

3. Business Solutions

  • Business process
  • Management systems
  • Information technology
  • Cloud 
  • HR
  • Business Partners

4. Education and training solutions.

5. Project management solutions

6. System and technology solutions

  • System implementation

Why us? Why Synergy Evolution.

Synergy Evolution is a game changer for our clients. It’s not just an asset management firm. We are your partners in success. Here are 9 reasons why you and Synergy would work together well.

Experience – ours ranges from private sector, government, and municipal asset management projects.

Knowledge – this reason has made us stay one above every other player in the market. We are knowledgeable of the private sector, government accounting standards and requirements.

Expertise – we are experts in systems capable of supporting the accounting requirements.

Track record – our clients testify of our work. We have worked with both local, national and international asset management projects.

Access – this reason is key. Synergy has access to enhanced business skills (both policy and procedure development.)

Commitment – Our clients require absolute commitment to see their assets well taken care of. We are committed to empowerment, skills transfer and local economic development. 

Ability to assist with physical asset verification, reconciliation, fair market valuations and related tasks.

Capability to implement – Synergy is not just talk. We are doers. We have the means to deliver a world-class management solution.

Technology – Our tech is easier and user-friendly to be used to perform physical asset verification. 

Try us today, and see your asset growing in value and appreciation.

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Asset Management Johannesburg FAQs

According to News24, the biggest asset management firm in South Africa is Ninety One. Ninety One unseated the Old Mutual Investment Group (OMIG) as South Africa’s largest asset manager. 

The asset manager, which de-merged from Investec and listed separately in 2020, had £140 billion (R~2.6 trillion) at the end of its half-year period on 30 September 2021. 

And according to Alex Forbes’ annual retirement fund survey, Ninety One ended 2021 with R690.6 billion of assets managed on behalf of South African clients

There are a number of asset managers in Johannesburg, and in South Africa. There the established names like Ninety One, Stanlib, Coronation, Old Mutual etc.

New entrants like Synergy Evolution are revolutionising the asset management industries. They are innovative, agile and are serving a wider network of clients. 

Synergy has the flexibility to offer services that ensure that you get the best asset management services in South Africa.

Johannesburg Asset managers are responsible for the maximisation of value and minimization of risks for a company’s asset. They monitor, evaluate and invest in assets. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that assets are efficiently managed and provide maximum value to the clients.

There are no fixed costs for asset managers. The costs associated with asset management varies depending on – 

  • Type of asset management services offered
  • Company’s profile 
  • Extent of service 
  • And Size of assets among others.

As such it is difficult to ascertain how much an asset manager costs. 

Get in touch with us here, to get a quote and estimate how much the services might cost to you.

Asset managers in Johannesburg make money through service charges. They charge fees based on the type of services they offer, the size of the assets, and other consultation services they offer to clients.

Typically, the money they charge is a percent of the entire assets they manage. In some cases, they may charge based on the performance of the asset and they get bonuses if they outperformed their target. 

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