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Technology plays a vital role in our daily lives. In fact, we can go on to say technology runs this world (Just like women do! right).

There is not a single part of our lives that hasn’t been touched by technology. From technology in our hands, in transportation, in health care, in agriculture, in government, and even in business. Technology is inevitable. 

As such, it is not only advantageous to utilize this technology, it would be foolish not to. With proper business systems in place, businesses can achieve maximum efficiency. Synergy Evolution understands the type of systems needed to run a business.

With our expertise, education and training, you rest assured that you have the best partner with your needs at heart.

What are business systems?

A business system is a set of principles, practices, and processes that are used to carry out certain tasks in order to accomplish a specific outcome. Essentially, it’s about devising a system of shortcuts that will ensure that everything is completed correctly.

Many aspects of your business can benefit from systems. Systems can make all of these jobs easier and more efficient. They range from sales to developing compliant asset registers, and marketing plans to monitoring the cleanliness of the workspace to production, to HR and payroll. They assist in measuring the standard operating procedures “SOPS” with organizations and can be set up if there aren’t any.

Systems are also created to connect various departments and aspects of a company so that they can collaborate to achieve business goals. That is what businesses need.

A seamless, stress-free way of doing business. In fact, most of the systems are meant to reduce human work, and that inevitably leads to more accurate and efficient business operations.

Why do businesses need business systems?

There are many benefits to having efficient business systems. Here are ten major benefits:

1. Achieve greater efficiency

Technology is meant to automate routine tasks that businesses incur every day. In doing so, it means that employees can focus on other more important tasks. 

By using systems, the business saves time and money. That is how business systems help you achieve greater efficiency. 

2. Make sure tasks are consistent

Business operations need consistency. A system in place ensures that the same tasks are done with greater consistency. This reduces errors and has the overall good health of the business.

This will ultimately help your business be more productive, so you can serve more customers and make more money.

3. Staff are clear on expectations

Systems give staff a better idea of what’s expected of them, both in terms of behaviour and results. Even new recruits can easily get to know what is expected of them through the use of appropriate business systems.

4. Scale at a faster rate

Every business needs to scale at some point. As you get new customers and expand, business systems allow you to do that with ease. 

5. Streamline processes

Systems help you find opportunities to streamline processes or remove those that aren’t needed anymore. This is especially true when the system lays out the operations in the flowchart that are visual and easy to understand.

6. Control without micromanaging

Effective systems give business owners confidence that things are going as planned. They provide a way to monitor and control key aspects of the business without having to micromanage.

Nobody likes being overly managed, with the boss hanging on your shoulder. But, with systems in place, managers and business owners can check the level of work of their employees with ease.

7. Systems lower labour costs.

No doubt, appropriate systems can help lower the cost associated with labour. By outsourcing some operations to systems your company has less expenditure on hiring people to do.

8. Information storage.

Business information systems are crucial to businesses. The latest information systems are capable of storing all the information about the operations, sales, procurement, registers, payroll, and a lot of other processes the business incurs.

9. Simplified business decision making.

With technology, decision making is easier now. The business system can gather all the other information necessary to make an informed decision. With a host of information at your fingertips, you can be assured that the decision you are making is the right one. Systems allow for the analysis of trends, anomalies, and loopholes all of which are important factors in business decisions.  

10. Enforce Behavior change.

Systems also have a way of enforcing behaviour change in employees. When business systems are put in place and the tasks that employees are to perform are clearly laid, employees are able to follow those routinely till it becomes second nature.

This could be a good thing, especially if the change is one that adds to the business running efficiently. A good example of this is communication.

Communication systems ensure open access between low to high-level employees. This open communication channel improves the overall performance of the organization.

Types of systems and technologies Synergy Evolution offers.

By now you might be wondering, as for Synergy Evolution what do we offer? Below we look at those systems. You should note that our systems and technologies come with education, training and systems installation.

  1. Asset management systems – this system is comprehensive and covers all issues surrounding asset management. From asset registers, data collection, verification, data analytics, barcoding, tracking etc. It is so comprehensive and it complies with all the required standards of the industry. 
  2. Project management systems – This system is for integrated use in project management. It helps all stages of project management, from initiation. Planning, execution, performance and control,  and closing. This way, you don’t have to have a headache over projects.
  3. Accounting software – financial tasks are essential for the business or organization. The accounting software we have for you is compliant with industry standards. Compliance issues like IFRS, GRAP, PFMA, MFMA
  4. HR and payroll systems – managing your workforce and payroll is easy with a company like Synergy. We can set up and install this system. It will ensure you never worry about how to manage employees’ contracts, details and qualifications and skills assessment. Regardless of size, this system is seamlessly integrated into your business/organization.
  5. Customer relationship management (CRM) – managing customers is also a key operation in any business. A CRM system allows you to effortlessly manage your company/organization’s customer interaction from the start to the end. CRM software allows businesses to focus on their company’s relationships with customers, colleagues, suppliers, etc. With a professional CRM in place, it becomes much easier to find new customers, win their trust, provide qualified support, and provide additional services throughout the relationship. CRM systems are packed with tracking features that record numerous customer interactions online. In addition, CRM automates routine processes and provides managers with tools that allow for the tracking and measuring of the company’s performance and productivity. For example, CRM software can remind you of tasks that you need to complete at a given time. You can make it perform pre-scheduled activities like sending emails and initiating phone calls. Everything done with the CRM is recorded, giving you enough time to make better action plans to close any potential sale. Some CRMs also offer analytics capabilities, allowing users to track the efficiency of various marketing efforts to generate leads and conversions.
  6. Cloud technology systems – Simply explained, cloud computing is the provision of computing services over the Internet (“the cloud”) in order to provide quicker innovation, more flexible resources, and economies of scale. You normally only pay for the cloud services you use, which helps you cut expenses, improve infrastructure efficiency, and scale as your organization grows. With Synergy Evolution, your cloud computing software system is taken care of.
  7. Information systems – as a company you will deal with information. You will also need to process, analyze and store that information. Information systems are interrelated components working together to collect, process, store, and disseminate information to support decision making, coordination, control, analysis, and visualization in an organization. At Synergy Evolution we do offer Information Systems that are easy to use and are robust to perform a whole lot of operations.
  8. Management systems – A management system is a framework that allows businesses to accomplish and maintain their operational and business goals through a continuous improvement process. A management system is a combination of rules, processes, practices, and resources that lead the firm and its activities to maximize corporate value by identifying and managing risks such as safety, environmental, quality, business continuity, and safety (among others). Synergy Evolution is your go-to company for such a system. We have ready and easy to use software systems you can adopt today.

When it comes to systems and technology we have You in our hearts. Through our expertise and knowledge of systems important in running businesses and organizations, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best service. To reiterate, all these systems come with education, training, skills transfer and installation. So, you don’t have to try to figure it out yourself.

Get in touch with us, and tell us about your business and what kind of system you need to be installed.

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