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Asset Management Cape Town

Cape Town is not only a historical city with rich heritage, its home to some of the amazing sites and culture. 

The table mountains and beautiful beaches punctuate this breath-taking city.

The people are amazing, the restaurants, hotels, bars and many other facilities make it a top destination for travelers all over the world. 

Because of that, Cape Town has also become a hub for a lot of businesses, both established and innovative start-ups looking to disrupt the market. 

Thus, whenever there’s business, there’s bound to be assets to ensure that business flows easily. 

That is where Synergy comes in. Products from Synergy Evolution are available in a variety of asset classes and are tailored for various clientele. 

We provide holistic solutions to businesses and organizations; from asset management, business solutions, IT and cloud, business development, consulting and advisory solutions, project management, education and training solutions to just name a few. 

These host of solutions are meant to capacitate your business and organization. You should have the best systems in place that makes sure your assets grow in value and are profitable & provide the best economic benefit to you.

Our goal is to find undervalued assets with above-average risk-adjusted return potential. 

Our investment team uses a value investment philosophy and process. 

In order to skew the portfolio toward profitable endeavors, consideration is also given to global economic, sector, and investment trends. 

Our regional and international strategies are concentrated, bottom-up portfolios with strong conviction that seek to consistently generate long-term value for our investors.

Types of assets we manage.

Non-current  assets

1. Tangible assets

  • Investment property
  • Plant Machinery and Equipment
  • Furniture & Fittings 
  • Computer Equipment & Hardware
  • Transport and Specialized Military 
  • Land, Heritage assets, Infrastructure, Minerals assets, etc.

2. Intangible assets

  • Computer Software
  • Trademarks
  • Licenses and patents
  • Capitalized Development cost

Current Assets

  1. Inventory

    • Stationery
    • Consumables
    • Maintenance material 
    • Spare parts
    • Strategic Stock

Solutions Synergy Evolution offers to your business.

Here’s an overview of solutions that you can choose from. Click on the highlighted link to get more information.

Asset management solutions

  • Asset, employees, leases, space and other verifications
  • Data collection, cleansing and analytics
  • Any type of research work
  • Asset reconciliations

Business development, consulting and advisory services solutions

  • Customer service
  • project management
  • CRM

Business solutions

  • Business process
  • Management systems
  • Information technology
  • Cloud 
  • HR
  • Business Partners

Education and training solutions.

Project management solutions

System and technology solutions

    • System implementation

Why us? Why Synergy Evolution.

Synergy Evolution is a game changer for our clients. It’s not just an asset management firm. We are your partners in success. Here are 9 reasons why you and Synergy would work together well.

Experience – ours ranges from private sector, government, and municipal asset management projects. This experience gives us the ability to quickly pick out what strategy would best work for you and your business. After all, experience is the best teacher they say.

Knowledge – this reason has made us stay one above every other player in the market. We are knowledgeable of the private sector, government accounting standards and requirements. Our team is highly trained from some of the best institutions, leading in research around best practices for asset management.

Expertise – we are experts in systems capable of supporting the accounting requirements. This expertise comes from countless hours combined from the entire team here at Synergy Evolution.

Track record – our clients testify of our work. We have worked with both local, national and international asset management projects. Our track record testifies to the quality of work we do for our beloved clients.

Access – this reason is key. Synergy has access to enhanced business skills (both policy and procedure development.). Not only that, we have access to top of the line software we utilize in managing our clients assets.

Commitment – Our clients require absolute commitment to see their assets well taken care of. We are committed to empowerment, skills transfer and local economic development. Synergy Evolution is committed to delivering the best service!

Ability to assist with physical asset verification, reconciliation, fair market valuations and related tasks. While you are taking care of business, you can be rest assured that we are making sure your assets are in order.

Capability to implement – Synergy is not just talk. We are doers. We have the means to deliver a world-class management solution. Synergy Evolution is capable of implementing first class systems to get your asset affairs profitable.

Technology – Our tech is easier and user friendly to be used to perform physical asset verification. It was designed with the intention of making the user interface as seamless and fluid as possible.

Try us today, and see your asset growing in value and appreciation.


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Asset Management Cape Town - FAQs

Short answer: yes!

Particularly for bigger churches with a lot of items, church asset management software is a crucial component of your complete church administration software package.

Why? So what happens if you need to determine how many laptops you already have and how much the replacements will cost before you upgrade every laptop in your church? What if, on the other hand, there is a recall on cell phones that contain exploding batteries and you need to rapidly determine which of your staff is now carrying one in their pocket?

IT asset management (ITAM) gives an accurate picture of technology asset life cycle costs and risks to optimize the business value of technology strategy, architecture, finance, contractual, and sourcing decisions, according to Gartner’s condensed definition.

Church asset management, to summarize, entails tracking (Where is it? The owner is?) and upkeep (How old is it? When should the equipment in your church be replaced?

Thus, Synergy Evolution does offer its services to church organizations to manage their assets.

There are a number of asset managers in Johannesburg, and in South Africa. There the established names like Ninety One, Stanlib, Coronation, Old Mutual etc.

New entrants like Synergy Evolution are revolutionising the asset management industries. They are innovative, agile and are serving a wider network of clients. 

Synergy has the flexibility to offer services that ensure that you get the best asset management services in South Africa.

Johannesburg Asset managers are responsible for the maximisation of value and minimization of risks for a company’s asset. They monitor, evaluate and invest in assets. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that assets are efficiently managed and provide maximum value to the clients.

There are no fixed costs for asset managers. The costs associated with asset management varies depending on – 

  • Type of asset management services offered
  • Company’s profile 
  • Extent of service 
  • And Size of assets among others.

As such it is difficult to ascertain how much an asset manager costs. 

Get in touch with us here, to get a quote and estimate how much the services might cost to you.

Asset managers in Johannesburg make money through service charges. They charge fees based on the type of services they offer, the size of the assets, and other consultation services they offer to clients.

Typically, the money they charge is a percent of the entire assets they manage. In some cases, they may charge based on the performance of the asset and they get bonuses if they outperformed their target. 

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