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Yes, your company and organization deserve world-class asset management solutions. In fact, you deserve an asset management firm that understands your organizational needs. You need to have a well maintained system & process for managing your assets.

You need clarity on how best to utilize your assets, so they can grow in value and provide you with their full economic benefits. You need to be able to control, manage and transfer those assets in a hassle-free manner, so your dependents or organization can enjoy their benefits of them.

Synergy Evolution is your go-to for all your asset management needs.

One of our core offerings to you is asset management solutions in South Africa. We have extensive knowledge and experience in this field. Asset management is a relatively complex process.

However, with the asset management team with vast amounts of knowledge and expertise we have at Synergy Evolution, you can rest assured you are in good hands.

Asset Management definition.

Before we dive deeper into this, let’s establish what asset management is. 

Asset management is the process of management, preservation, maintenance, and increment in the value of assets. It is a systematic approach to the governance and realization of value from the things that a group or entity is responsible for, over their whole life cycles.

It may apply both to tangible assets (physical objects such as buildings or equipment) and to intangible assets (such as human capital, intellectual property, goodwill or financial assets).

Asset management is a systematic process of developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets in the most cost-effective manner (including all costs, risks, and performance attributes).

The term is commonly used in the financial sector to describe people and companies who manage investments on behalf of others. These include, for example, investment managers that manage the assets of a pension fund.

It is also increasingly used in both the business world and public infrastructure sectors to ensure a coordinated approach to the optimization of costs, risks, service/performance, and sustainability.

The International Standard, ISO 55000, provides an introduction and requirements specification for a management system for asset management.

Thus it covers a wide range of activities all with the purpose of achieving the above-mentioned objectives.

It’s a beautiful process that requires skilled asset managers like ourselves.

Asset Management Duties

Synergy Evolution’s asset management strategy includes the following:

Asset, employees, leases, space and other verifications

See, the first thing we do at Synergy is to verify all the assets you own. This is an extensive process we carry out to truly establish the actual quantities of your assets. Your assets can be real estate, vehicles, leases, cash, equity, deposits, employees, information technology etc. In fact, an asset for verification can be anything of value that you possess as a company/department/organization.

This step is a crucial part of our asset management strategy at Synergy Evolution. It allows you to have a broader map of the assets you have. It also assists us in coming up with strategies on how best you can utilize those assets.

While we verify those assets, we will be categorizing them, and entering them into a database, specifically created for asset management.

Data collection, cleansing and analytics

In addition, while we are carrying out verification of your assets, our team also collects data. This data is important in the analysis of the type of assets you own, their lifetime, and other important information to be able to have a robust strategy.

For instance, the kind of data that will be useful includes, what are the general classifications of most of your assets? Do you have more short term assets (cash, equity, stock, debtors etc.) or long term assets (real estate, machinery, employees etc.) Do we need to collect more data about the assets? Etc.

With the help of top-notch asset management software, Synergy Evolution can make it easier for data analytics which is essential in decision making. Below we look at some of the reasons why data analytics greatly improves our processes and service offering here at Synergy – 

Data analytics improves data acquisitionAsset management companies in Johannesburg like ourselves require a big amount of data to make better investment decisions. This is abundant nowadays thanks to technologies like IoT and the internet.

With older analytics methodologies, making investment decisions may be a difficult process. To make sense of this enormous pool of data and exploit it would be a challenge.

Asset management companies like Synergy Evolution, on the other hand, can integrate the data. We will use the insights gathered about market conditions to make smart investments using data science and current data analytics platforms.

It delivers better investment insights – No doubt AI has revolutionized the way businesses conduct themselves. Asset managers may make investment decisions based simply on the prospects of their customers. These conclusions aren’t always right. 

Asset management firms can acquire important insights by analyzing unstructured and structured data using big data analytics and artificial intelligence. AI can pick out important information about investment markets and provide summaries and processes that asset management organizations might take. 

This is especially true when making investment decisions, using techniques such as machine learning. 

Asset management organizations, on the other hand, can integrate the data and use the insights gathered about market conditions. This is to make smart investments using data science and current data analytics platforms.

Improves client profiling – Client profiling is an important component of every asset management firm. We can gain a solid understanding of our client’s interests, expectations, and objectives through client profiling. This allows Synergy to create investment strategies to satisfy these needs. 

As asset managers, we can leverage data from various client segments to find characteristics that differentiate them. In the process, it makes the client profile process more accurate and effective, thanks to data analytics. 

An asset management firm can make more tailored financial decisions for its clients if they have effective client profiling.

It enhances risk management capabilities – Asset management is incomplete without risk management. Failure to recognize investment risks and implement risk-mitigation strategies can result in significant financial consequences for the company and clients. With data analytics, we can make informed and stress-free decisions.

Empowers asset management decisions – As already mentioned, data analytics has become an important part of decision making. 

As Synergy, we are able to better serve their customers by making better and more successful investment decisions thanks to data analytics. 

We can gain better knowledge of our client’s needs and how market conditions affect our investment decisions by using data analytics, which helps us optimize our investments to match our clients’ needs.

Any type of research work

Like our clients, we understand that you might be in need of some research work. Thus as part of our asset management solutions, Synergy Evolution offers research work also in its package.

Research is an important part of business growth and its importance can not be overemphasized. If there are areas of research, especially when it comes to your assets, we are your number one choice. We have extensive experience in reviewing current literature, designing a methodology, data collection and analytics etc.

At really affordable prices, you can be assured that the research we do is of international standard. Additionally, it can even be used in making business decisions critical to the growth of your company.

Asset reconciliations

Asset reconciliation is the process of comparing the asset balances on the balance sheet and the asset register. This is to see if they are equal and correct. Its goal is to ensure that the asset balance is accurate, complete, and constant.

The process is very vital as part of our asset management solutions and strategy. Reconciliation not only serves as a double checker but also assures us that the asset management process was done correctly.

Importance of asset reconciliation.

Asset reconciliation checks whether the –

  • depreciation has been properly charged or not.
  • addition of new assets to the particular accounts is justifiable or not
  • the disposal of assets has been correctly booked or not.
  • fixed assets show the proper value as on the closing date or not after various adjustments.

In reality, asset reconciliation deals with so much more than the above mentioned. For this reason, we do not want you to stress about it. Allow us, Synergy Evolution to make sure your assets are in good standing. As for you, you have other things you can focus on, like running your business! 

We want to be your partners that lighten the load!

Get in touch with us today!

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