See Asset Infinity in Action!

Asset Tracking & Management

  • Fixed Asset register of all the assets with locations and categories of the assets
  • Track Assets based on Condition, Department, Allotted Users and many more filter options
  • Find all your Assets in an Asset Register
  • Barcode/ QR code-based Asset tags for each Asset

Adding Asset

  • Add asset on asset infinity application
  • Upload all your asset details using our in-built spreadsheet tool
  • Simple bulk update functions to keep your asset details updated
  • Import your assets into asset application

Updating Asset

  • Update assets listed on the application
  • Update multiple assets in a single click
  • View Assets of your organization in a single click

Transferring Asset

  • Hassle free transfer of assets within organization
  • Transfer single/multiple assets
  • Transfer assets to Location and Users

Discarding / Selling Asset

  • Discard single or multiple assets that are no longer in use
  • Selling scrap after their Useful Life
  • Restore discarded Assets for re-use
  • Delete discarded assets permanently

Preventive Maintenance & Barcoding

  • Pre-defined scheduling to prevent sudden breakdown
  • Assign users to preform maintenance tasks
  • Set reminders to receive reminder notifications
  • Monitor maintenance expenses
  • Customize and print barcodes for your Assets

Creating Ticket

  • Raise tickets and manage them in the Central Helpdesk
  • Raise tickets against Assets or independently for service requests
  • Assign tickets/service request to Specific Users

Viewing / Updating Ticket

  • View/Update tickets selectively using multiple filter options
  • Receive notifications for your Pending Tickets
  • Get more visibility through ticket history

Manage Audit

  • Create audits for specific attributes for Assets to be verified
  • Assign audits to specific users
  • Prevents duplicity and overlapping of Assets

Pending Audit and Audit Report

    • Receive notifications for your Pending Audits
    • Users can mark the assets as:

              1. Present

              2. Not Present

              3. Present with incorrect details

    • Add any extra assets while performing an Audit
    • Audit reports provides more detailed view of any physical verification
    • Users can verify assets on their Android/iOS devices – online/offline

How to scan barcode in Asset Infinity App using Zebra device

  • Scan the barcode through Zebra device
  • The information of the Asset scanned will open
  • View or edit the information about scanned Asset

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