Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. Please read the full privacy policy because it applies to you.

1.  Introduction

Here is our privacy statement. This is the course of action that Synergy Evolution (Pty) Ltd (Registration number: 2018/554584/07) will take to protect your privacy. We value your privacy and take seriously the security of personal data. This policy’s objective is to outline how we gather, keep, utilize, and safeguard information that can be used to uniquely identify you or another specific natural person or legal entity (personal information).

2. Audience

This policy applies to you if you are:

  • a visitor to our website; or
  • a customer who has ordered or requested the goods or services that we provide.

3. What is personal information?

Personal information includes:

  • certain data that we automatically gather when you visit our website;
  • specific data gathered at registration (see below); 
  • specific data gathered upon submission; 
  • and any extra details you choose to share with us (see below);

but excludes:

  • information that has been permanently de-identified so that it cannot be used to identify you directly; 
  • information that has been made anonymous so that it does not identify a specific person;
  • non-personal statistics data that we have gathered and compiled.

Common examples

Common examples of the types of personal information which we may collect and process include your:

  • identifying information – such as your name, date of birth, or identification number of any kind;
  • contact information – such as your phone number or email address;
  • address information – such as your physical or postal address; or
  • demographic information – such as your gender or marital status.
  • Sensitive personal information

Depending on the goods or services that you require, we may also collect sensitive personal information including your:

  • financial information – such as your bank account details;
  • sensitive demographic information – such as your race or ethnicity;
  • medical information – such as information about your physical or mental health;
  • sexual information – such as information about your sex life or sexual orientation;
  • criminal information – such as information about your commission or alleged commission of any offense or about any related legal proceedings;
  • employment information – including your membership of a trade union; and
  • beliefs – including your political or religious beliefs.

4. Acceptance

Acceptance required

When you order our products or make a service request, you must agree to all of the conditions of this policy. You cannot order our products or use our services if you disagree with any part of this policy.

Legal capacity

If you are under the age of 18 or do not possess the requisite legal capacity to form a binding contract, you are not authorized to use our website, place an order for our products, or ask for our services.

Deemed acceptance

You are deemed to have read, comprehended, accepted, and agreed to be bound by all of this policy’s provisions by accepting it.

Your obligations

You may only provide us information that is either your own or that of another data subject if you have that person’s consent to do so.

5. How do we collect personal information?

On registration

When you submit an enquiry, or register on our website, you will no longer be anonymous to us.

This personal information will include:

  • your name and surname;
  • your email address;
  • your telephone number;
  • your company name, company registration number, and VAT number;
  • your postal address or street address; and
  • your username and password.

We will use this personal information to fulfill your account, provide additional services and information to you as we reasonably think appropriate, and for any other purposes set out in this policy.

On order or request

You will be requested to voluntarily provide us with extra information when you order our products or use our services (goods or services information).


You will provide us with personal information when you attend an event that we host.

From browser

Your browser sends information to us that we automatically collect and store in server logs, including your IP address, click patterns, software version, system type, screen resolutions, color capabilities, plug-ins, language settings, cookie preferences, search engine keywords, JavaScript enablement, the content and pages you access on the website, the dates and times you access the website, and other information (usage information). Please be aware that if you visited other websites before coming to ours, they might do the same when you visit them, and we have no control over them. In light of this, a later website that gathers URL data may log some personal data.


For more information on how we deal with cookies, please refer to our Cookie Policy.

Web beacons 

We use electronic image requests, also known as single-pixel gif or web beacon requests, on our website to track page views and access cookies. A web beacon is any electronic image that may be seen on a website, including an advertisement banner. No personal data about you is gathered by our web beacons, monitored, or shared. They are just used by us to gather anonymous data about our website.

Optional details

Additionally, you have the opportunity to voluntarily supply us with extra information (optional information). This includes any content or products that you choose to upload to or download from our website, as well as any entries you make into contests, use promotions, complete surveys, order particular additional goods or services, or utilize in any other way our website’s optional features and functionality.

Recording calls

Unless you specifically ask us not to, we may monitor and record any phone calls you make to us.

6. Categories of people

We process the personal information of the following categories of people:

  • customers or organizations,
  • prospects or leads,
  • Employees,
  • recruiters and medical practitioners providing services related to employees,
  • contractors, vendors, or suppliers,
  • children and their guardians,
  • debtors and creditors,
  • dealers, and
  • directors and shareholders.

7. Purpose of processing

Any optional information that you provide to us, such as information on optional goods or services, may be used or processed by us for the purposes that you specified when you agreed to do so. Your personal information may be collected, disclosed, and combined with the personal information of others during processing. Typically, we gather and use your personal information for a variety of objectives, including:

  1. goods or services purposes – such as collecting orders or requests for and providing our goods or services;
  2. marketing purposes – such as pursuing lawful related marketing activities;
  3. business purposes – such as internal audit, accounting, business planning, and joint ventures, disposals of business, or other proposed and actual transactions; and
  4. legal purposes – such as handling claims, complying with regulations, or pursuing good governance.
  5. We may use your usage information for the purposes described above and to:
  6. remember your information so that you will not have to re-enter it during your visit or the next time you access the website;
  7. keep our data subject records up to date;
  8. better understand our data subjects’ needs;
  9. manage supplier contracts in general;
  10. manage customers in general;
  11. manage customer credit in general;
  12. manage dealer relationships in general;
  13. process personal information of employees for forensic purposes;
  14. monitor website usage metrics such as total number of visitors and pages accessed; and
  15. track your entries, submissions, and status in any promotions or other activities in connection with your usage of the website.

Consent to collection

We will obtain your consent to collect personal information:

  1. in accordance with applicable law;
  2. when you provide us with any registration information or optional information.

8. Use

Our obligations

We may use your personal information to fulfill our obligations to you.

Messages and updates

You may receive email updates and administrative notifications from us regarding the website. We may occasionally send you messages that are largely promotional in nature. You have the option to stop promotional texts.

Targeted content

We may show targeted advertisements and other pertinent content while you are logged in to the website based on your personal data. Computers analyze the personal data and link it to advertisements or relevant data in a fully automated method. Except when you directly consent to it, we never divulge any personal information to advertisers. The total number of impressions and clicks for each advertisement are provided to the advertisers. They do not acquire any private data. If you click on an advertisement, we might give the advertiser’s website a referring URL to let them know a user came from their website. We don’t provide marketers with your personal information along with the referring URL. Once you are on the advertiser’s website however, the advertiser is able to collect your personal information.

9. Disclosure


We may share your personal information with:

  1. other divisions or companies in the corporate group to which we belong in order to deliver shared content and services like registration, for transactions and customer support, to assist in identifying and preventing potentially illegal acts and violations of our policies, and to inform choices about our goods, services, and communications (they will only use this information to send you marketing communications if you have requested their goods or services);
  2. an affiliate, in which case we will seek to require the affiliate to honor this privacy policy;
  3. our contracted service providers for certain goods or services, as well as those who assist with aspects of our business operations like marketing, bill collection, fraud prevention, and technology services (our contracts dictate that these goods or services providers only use your information in connection with the goods or services they supply or services they perform for us and not for their own benefit);
  4. credit bureaus to report account information, as permitted by law;
  5. banking partners as required by credit card association rules for inclusion on their list of terminated merchants (in the event that you utilize the services to receive payments and you meet their criteria); and
  6. other third parties who provide us with relevant services where appropriate.


We may disclose your personal information as required by law or governmental audit.

Law enforcement

We may disclose personal information if required:

  • other third parties who provide us with relevant services where appropriate.
  • by a subpoena or court order;
  • to comply with any law;
  • to protect the safety of any individual or the general public; and
  • to prevent violation of our customer relationship terms.

No selling 

We will not sell personal information. No personal information will be disclosed to anyone except as provided in this privacy policy.

Marketing purposes 

We might provide advertising or business partners with aggregate data on the personal information we collect from customers.


We may need to disclose personal information to our employees that require the personal information to do their jobs. These include our capable management, human resources, accounting, audit, compliance, information technology, or other staff members.

Change of ownership

We reserve the right to transfer our rights to the personal information we process to a successor, buyer, or unaffiliated third party in the event of a change in ownership, a merger with, acquisition by, or sale of assets by another organization. The transfer will be made public on the internet ( You have the option to ask us to erase your personal information if you are worried about it going to a new owner.

10. Security

We constantly try to abide by applicable data protection rules and take the security of personal information extremely seriously. In order to prevent interference or access from outside attackers, our hosting provider will host our website on a secure server environment that employs a firewall and other cutting-edge security features. Only those workers who require it to carry out their job duties are given access to personal information by us. When necessary, we put disaster recovery plans into place.

11. Accurate and up to date

We’ll make an effort to maintain the personal data we gather as accurate, full, and up-to-date as is required for the goals outlined in this policy. We might occasionally ask you to update your personal data on the website. You can access your account online, send us an email, or call us to examine or amend any personal information we may have about you. Please be aware that before granting you access to your account or allowing you to make any modifications to your personal information, we take steps to authenticate your identity in order to better protect you and secure your personal information.

12. Retention

We will only retain your personal information for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes explicitly set out in this policy, unless:

  • retention of the record is required or authorized by law; or
  • you have consented to the retention of the record.
  • During the period of retention, we will continue to abide by our non-disclosure obligations and will not share or sell your personal information.
  • We may retain your personal information in physical or electronic records at our discretion.

13. Transfer to another country

We reserve the right to send or transfer your personal information to another country for processing after leaving the one where it was originally gathered. It is possible for personal data to be kept on servers in a foreign nation whose regulations for the protection of personal data may be less strict than those in the nation where the data was acquired. You give us permission to process your personal data in a foreign nation where data processing regulations may be less strict.

14. Your rights

Request what information we hold on you

You may request access to your personal information to receive a copy of the personal information that we hold on you.

Updating or removing

By selecting the appropriate option from the menu on any page of our website, or by getting in touch with us by phone or email, you can choose to correct or update the personal information you have provided to us.

Withdrawal of consent or objection to processing

If we are using your consent as a legal basis for processing, you have the right to revoke it. In cases where we are utilizing other legal grounds for processing, you may also object to it. Please be aware that if you do this, we might not be able to help you.

To access these rights, we might need to get further information from you to confirm your identity. This will prevent the disclosure of your personal information to an unauthorized party.

15. Changes

We may change the terms of this policy at any time by updating this web page. We will notify you of any changes by placing a notice in a prominent place on the website or by sending you an email detailing the changes that we have made and indicating the date that they were last updated. If you do not agree with the changes, then you must stop using the website and our goods or services. If you continue to use the website or our goods or services following notification of a change to the terms, the changed terms will apply to you and you will be deemed to have accepted those updated terms.

16. Limitation

We are not responsible for, give no warranties, nor make any representations in respect of the privacy policies or practices of linked or any third party websites.

17. Enquiries

If you have any questions or concerns arising from this privacy policy or the way in which we handle personal information, please contact us by sending an email to 

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We’ve been alerted to fraudulent job offers being circulated via WhatsApp, Telegram, and email by individuals falsely claiming to represent  Synergy Evolution.

These offers typically involve part-time online jobs, including watching YouTube videos for payment, and may ask for personal information.

Please be aware:

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  • All legitimate job openings are posted exclusively on our official website and through verified channels.

If you’ve received any suspicious messages:

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