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Getting Started With Project Management Solutions

I’m telling you, it doesn’t have to be a headache or a very complex one.

So, you are reading this because you are thinking of doing a certain project, or you just want to know what exactly is project management all about.

If you are thinking of doing a project, you might be having a lot of questions and perhaps even contemplating whether or not you’ll be able to finish it once you start it. Well, worry no further. You have come to the right place. 

Welcome! We are Synergy Evolution. A leading & continually growing company in project management services in South Africa. 

For all your project needs (from new projects and expansion) and in any industry (blue-chip corporates (private), government, parastatals, municipality, construction, finance, asset management, production, education, engineering etc), we got you covered. 

But first, let’s establish exactly what project management services are.

What are Project Management Services?

Project management services specialize in planning, coordinating, and executing projects according to specific requirements and constraints. It is the process of leading the work of a team to achieve all project goals within the given constraints.

These requirements and specifications are suggested by the customer. Project managers perform some or all of the activities related to project work, from the start to the end.

Emphasis is placed on creating and maintaining project milestones and the project schedule. The end goal is to complete the project on time and within budget.

To put it more plainly, project management services are the actual personnel on the ground running the project.

Project management company vs Project management consultancy company.

There are a number of Project management consulting companies in South Africa. All with the mission to get clients that they can help in conducting projects.

A project management company there becomes a business entity whose objective is to help run projects, complete them within the set time frame, and use the budgeted resources. It’s an important skill, especially in South Africa, with an expected trend to keep growing. 

A business firm like Synergy Evolution is a perfect example of what a project management consultancy services company in South Africa is. Our goal is to ensure our clients get the best consulting services possible when it comes to project management.

We are not the personnel on the ground to run your projects, our goal is to ensure we equip your business with systems and other processes in place to be able to conduct a successful project.

What we have is a project management consulting services company is the expertise and knowledge in best practices that ensure projects succeed.

Below we will look in-depth at the particulars of that service and what it includes. As such, Project management consulting services are a need for today’s companies. 

Get in touch with us now to kick start your project. 

What are the 5 stages of project management?

Project management involves the following stages.

Conception and initiation 

This is to gain an understanding of the scope, term of reference, specifications and parameters of the project. Here we are identifying stakeholders, and we develop objectives.

Project Planning 

In the planning stage we need to set out S.M.A.R.T goals.

S – SPECIFIC – set of specific goals (answer the what, when, where, why, which, and who)

M – MEASURABLE – create measures for success

A – ATTAINABLE – which goals are important and what will it take to achieve them

R – REALISTIC – are we willing and able to work towards the goal?

T – TIMELY – create a time frame to achieve the goal

Here, we also break down the work into manageable tasks. Every step of the project has to be laid out here.

Project Execution 

After the entire project plan has been laid out and approved, we then execute and start project development.

Performance, Evaluation and Monitoring 

This takes place throughout the course of the project development. It is an assessment of the state of the project and taking corrective measures if necessary. Milestones are recorded and reported to the stakeholders.

Project Closure 

Every project has a completion date. At this stage project evaluation is done, a final report with lessons learnt & recommendations submitted, handover to the customer, and permanent support group.

What is included in the project management consultancy?

Here are 12 things included in our consultancy services:

  1. Developing MIS (Management Information System). This is the synergy (pun intended) between people, technology, organizations, and the relationships that exist among them. Synergy Evolution helps you realize maximum benefit from investment in personnel, equipment and business processes. 
  2. Designing budgetary and control systems. This is to ensure the project doesn’t overspend the stipulated resources and not finish work. 
  3. Preparation of Feasibility Study. In this part, Synergy Evolution looks at the likelihood of starting and completing the project within time and using the budgeted resources. Some projects are worth doing. Others unfortunately not. We also include studies for expansion schemes if you want to expand the business to accommodate more volumes. 
  4. Developing management information system. Information is key in any project. Synergy has experts in designing effective information systems for your projects. 
  5. Determining measures of the effective utilization of capital. Think about it, wouldn’t you want a project management company (Synergy Evolution in this case) that can make sure the capital raised for a project is used to the maximum benefit it can be? 
  6. Installing a cost accounting system. To make sure you can keep track of all the transactions for the project, you will need this accounting system. It tallies all the purchases and requisition, orders, sales, vouchers etc. 
  7. Advising management on principles of organization and methods for effective delegation and planning of work. Synergy is your partner in all your projects. Our goal is to ensure you have the system in place to run the project smoothly. Using our expertise, we can recommend management principles to use and ways to effectively plan out tasks.
  8. Advise on the system analysis and design, including the selection of hard work and development of software and feasibility of incorporating computer applications for accounting and commercial activities.
  9. Assist in finding solutions for specific business problems such as product mix decisions, pricing decisions, making representation to Government on various matters etc. This is because we understand how important yet stressful these can be. This is also part of the other service packages we offer (Business solutions). 
  10. Appraisal of personnel policies and practices
  11. Assist in the selection of executive personnel in the areas of production, marketing, accounts, data processing, personnel, general administration etc. For a project to succeed, you need the right and qualified people in key roles. At Synergy Evolution, that is part of the specialized skills we have as well. The ability to recruit adequately skilled personnel to help run the project from start to finish is vital. 
  12. Acting as advisor or consultant to an issue, including such matters as drafting of prospectus and memorandum containing salient features of the prospectus, preparation of publicity budget etc. Our services are holistic. Like our clients, our goal is to ensure value for your money. We are your advisors in matters like these to remove the headache you might have if you were to do it alone.

It doesn’t end there, we are a phone call or an email away in the event you need clarification on any issue. That’s our promise to you! 

Projects don’t have to be too hard. Especially with a friend like Synergy Evolution. 

Other services we offer.

1. Asset management solutions

    • Asset, employees, leases, space and other verifications
    • Data collection, cleansing and analytics
    • Any type of research work
    • Asset reconciliations

2. Education and training solutions.

3. Business development, consulting and advisory services solutions

  • Customer service
  • project management
  • CRM
  • Business solutions
  • Business process
  • Management systems
  • Information technology
  • Cloud 
  • HR
  • Business Partners

4. System and technology solutions

  • System implementation

Project Management Questions Answered

Project management is a complex issue that requires expertise and skill to execute masterfully. The cost of project management in South Africa 2022 varies depending on –

  • The size of the project
  • The extent of services offered
  • Additional services 
  • And the company offering the services

As for Synergy Evolution, our prices reflect our understanding of your unique situations. We want you to get the best value for your money.

Get in touch with us here and get your quote today!


Yes, you can get project management done for projects like creating an asset register. Asset registers are proper documentation of the total assets you have, their descriptions, values, data tags and other important data.

You can do it right by clicking here and getting your quote.

Well, it depends. 

At face value internal project management might be cheaper. This is because the exercise is internal and the personnel would relatively be cheaper.

On the other hand, hiring a company like Synergy Evolution might be pricey as compared to doing it yourself. But, they are benefits to that.

First, hiring Synergy frees you to concentrate on other important activities for your company. Experts like us are skilled in making sure we deliver the best project management services in a timely manner. That way you can hire us, and we are accountable to you as our client.

Additionally, hiring us means you get to be involved in the entire process, with Synergy being partners. It’s important to have partners who can shoulder the load of successfully completing a project.

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