15 Best Asset Management Companies In Cape Town

15 Best Asset Management Companies In Cape Town

Synergy Evolution (Pty) Ltd.

With a focus on broad-based black economic empowerment, Synergy Evolution (Pty) Ltd (herein referred to as Synergy) was founded in 2018 as a 100 percent black-owned business (BBEEE).

Synergy aims to establish itself as a leader in this market by offering asset management systems that satisfy all requirements set forth by the public and private sectors with regard to delivery, financial requirements, asset inventory and management principles, and other best practice guidelines established by the Auditing Profession and Auditor General.

Synergy envisions itself rapidly developing into one of the public sector’s most prominent asset management partners.

Our inspiration and motivation arose from the fact that the majority of currently used asset management systems don’t adhere to the accounting standards set out by GAAP, MFMA, PFMA, GRAP, and IAS.

Both the public and private sectors are currently engaged in a significant nationwide effort to take control of their asset base at every private and public office, in order to maximize financial resource outputs & asset usability, leading to cost savings, employee satisfaction, & improved service delivery overall.

In order to meet the unique demands of each customer, Synergy is dedicated to offering top-notch asset management solutions.

Email – info@synergyevolution.co.za

Website – Synergy Evolution

Phone number – +27-64-524-8833

Address:  Clearwater Office Park, Corner Millenium Road & Christian de Wet Road Clearwater, Johannesburg 1735

Alpha Asset Management (PTY) Ltd

Is a family office and advisory firm. They provide high-net-worth individuals, families, particular institutions, and charity trusts investing and wealth planning services. Since its founding in 1997, they have grown to handle over R11 billion in worldwide assets.

They are now among the biggest independent advice businesses in South Africa and are expanding. Major financial hubs in South Africa and beyond, such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, London, Geneva, and Mauritius, are home to their team.

When it comes to clientele, quality is much more important than quantity. By doing so, they can continue to provide customers with individualized solutions and maintain strong bonds with the industry regulators in the regions where we do business.

Website – Alpha Wealth 

Phone:  +27 21 683 1354

Address: 25 Protea Rd, Claremont, Western Cape, 7708, South Africa, Cape Town.

Old Mutual Asset Management (sa) (PTY) Ltd

One of the top private alternative investment firms in Africa is Old Mutual Alternative Investments (OMAI). They manage investments in infrastructure, private equity, hybrid equity, and impact funds totaling more than *ZAR 76.B (USD 4.8 B).

As a founding member of the Old Mutual Group with more than 175 years of investing expertise in Africa and one of the first alternative asset managers, OMAI was founded in South Africa in 2000. The division’s objectives are to provide consistent, competitive returns to investors and to have a good, long-term influence on the environments and communities in which we operate.

With the help of their investments, Africa will be able to develop the homes, schools, and flourishing companies that it needs, as well as crucial infrastructure like renewable energy production, roads, railways, airports, and telecommunications.

Email: Marketing@oldmutualalternatives.com

Website – Old Mutual Alternative Investments 

Phone: 021 509 5022, +27 21 509 9000

Address: Mutual Pk, Jan Smuts Dve, Pinelands, Western Cape, 7405, South Africa, Cape Town.

Fenestra Asset Management (PTY) Ltd

Fenestra aspires to be a premier South African and global investment firm. They are passionate about delivering exceptional performance and are steadfast in our adherence to our principles and core beliefs.

Fenestra Asset Management’s investment strategy encompasses both the growth and value styles of investing and is led by a group of seasoned, committed and stock market enthusiasts.

Fenestra excels in identifying new growth stocks because it is constantly “wide awake” to possibilities and ready to reallocate funds. The sole objective of Fenestra is “to make money with their clients.”

Email: info@fenestrasa.com 

Website – Fenestra Asset Management 

Phone: 021 689 7855

Address: 2 Tannery Pk, 21 Belmont Rd, Rondebosch, Western Cape, 7700, South Africa, Cape Town. 

Miton Optimal Multi-Asset Management

The Miton Optimal group of companies are independent multi-asset investment managers, via their growing global office network, their primary business focus is the delivery of Discretionary Fund Management and Client Portfolio Management services to a global client base of intermediary and private clients.

Global Multi-Asset Management serves as the basis for all of their offerings in their capacity as investment managers. Their approach to investing is very straightforward: “diversification, through unrestricted global asset allocation, within an absolute mentality,” with the goal of accomplishing their customers’ goals through risk management and control.

They are a close-knit group of professionals who value concentration. This focus extends beyond how they approach providing investment management services and demonstrates their steadfast commitment to providing their clients with one-on-one, individualized connections with their investment manager. They handle the customer precisely how they would like to be handled.

Email – mail@mitonoptimal.com

Phone – +27 21 689 3579

Website – www.mitonoptimal.com

Address: Dean St, Newlands, Western Cape, 7700, South Africa, Cape Town. 

Future Growth Asset Managers

Following South Africa’s democratic transition, Futuregrowth was established in 1994 with a limited portfolio of investment funds geared toward social development and empowerment with the goal of developing a sustainable route for pension funds to invest in underserved areas and national development.

Futuregrowth invested in Women’s Investment Portfolio Holdings (Wiphold), a black women-owned empowerment fund, from 2002 to 2008. Futuregrowth is now the largest Black-owned fund manager in South Africa thanks to Wiphold’s 2005 expansion of its stake from 40 percent to 70 percent.

Wiphold first bought a 40 percent stake in Futuregrowth in 2002. They have had a strategic goal to re-attain greater than 50% effective black share ownership since Wiphold’s exit with their sale to Old Mutual in 2008, as well as to identify a shareholder and empowerment partner with a similar sense of purpose and shared values.

Email – info@futuregrowth.co.za

Website – www.futuregrowth.co.za/

Phone – +27 21 659 5300

Address: 3 Great Westerford Bldg, 240 Main Rd, Newlands, Western Cape, 7700, South Africa, Cape Town. 

Merit Asset Managers (PTY) Ltd

Merit has changed since 1999 from being a private equity boutique firm that primarily served retirement funds to a sought-after value-adding deal-making firm that is concentrated on global deal-making, investment banking operations, and equity participation.

Research, basic analysis, strategy, innovation, comprehending the highest stakeholder values, an integrated approach to value generation, and meticulous attention to detail are the cornerstones of everything Merit does. The foundation for all of this is enthusiasm, creativity, and quality.

Email – connect@merit.co.za

Website – Merit

Phone – (+27) (0)10 012 3338

Address: 63 A Bowwood Rd, Claremont, Western Cape, 7708, South Africa, Cape Town.

Allan Gray Unit Trust Management Ltd

Their objective is to have an impact. Through their empowerment structure and transformation programs, they positively impact our community while sharing a strong concern for poverty and unemployment in South Africa.

They make responsible investments with the goal of safeguarding and boosting the value of their clients’ holdings as their first priority.

Their values include Client focus, Performance Driven, long-term oriented, Independent mind, and individually accountable

Email – info@allangray.co.za

Website – https://www.allangray.co.za/

Phone – +27 (0) 21 415 2301

Address: Dock Rd, V & A Waterfront, Western Cape, 8001, South Africa, Cape Town. 

Wellsfaber Asset Management (PTY) Ltd

WellsFaber considers itself to be your financial partner. They offer professional guidance and continuing assistance by developing a close, long-lasting relationship with you.

This involves all facets of personal and company financial planning, such as saving for retirement, safeguarding your assets against unforeseen disasters, and establishing an estate plan to support your loved ones after your passing.

All of their contacts with you and all of the suggestions they make are aimed at giving you the assurance to accomplish your objectives and the peace of mind that comes from having a strategy in place to deal with change and life’s challenges.

Email – info@wellsfaber.com

Website – Wellsfaber

Phone – +27 87 295 0270

Address: Tannery Pk, 21 Belmont Rd, Rondebosch, Western Cape, 7700, South Africa, Cape Town. 

RECM Holdings Pty Ltd

Piet Viljoen established RECM in 2003 as a typical third-party fund management company. Jan van Niekerk joined a few years later.

Their investing strategy is unapologetically grounded in fundamental analysis, and they deliberately seek for assets for our different portfolios that are undervalued in relation to their true worth. As a result, they occasionally make investments in really undesirable places.

Some of their company’s operations were better suited under distinct, specialized management teams as their firm evolved.

With expertise and capabilities that go beyond third-party fund management in public markets, RECM is a broad-based investment company. They now possess the know-how and capacity to invest throughout the capital structure of businesses, whether they are privately held or publicly traded, regardless of their domicile or location.

They offer their fellow investors distinctive, differentiating investment alternatives, or they use their balance sheet to collaborate with like-minded financial services companies.

Email – info@recm.co.za

Website – RECM

Phone number – +27 (0)21 203 2805

Address: 1st Floor, The Barracks 50 Bree Street Cape Town, 8001, South Africa, Cape Town. 

Element Investment Managers

An independent, owner-managed business, Element Investment Managers was founded in 1998. It offers retirement funds, institutions, and people discretionary investment management services. Investors may choose from a variety of unit trusts at Element Unit Trusts.

These unit trusts’ main goal is to increase long-term real absolute returns while actively minimizing downside risk. With regard to its customers, Element Investment Managers is dedicated to the following principles: 

  • Loyalty, prudence, and care 
  • Fair dealing 
  • Performance presentation 
  • Risk Alignment 
  • Transparency of fees 
  • Feedback International benchmarking

Email – info@elementim.co.za

Website – Element Investment Managers

Phone number – +27 21 426 1313

Address: Pinnacle Bldg, Burg St, Central, Western Cape, 8001, South Africa, Cape Town. 

Camissa Asset Management

Formerly known as Khanyisa Asset Management. They handle money for skilled investors throughout the risk spectrum as a specialized asset management company.

They consistently strive for excellence for their clients and have profound, independent thought. Their staff of highly qualified specialists oversees a variety of complementary funds and applies their ideas to find investment opportunities in shifting markets.

They are a specialized investment company that manages money for knowledgeable institutional and private clients throughout the risk spectrum. They were founded in 2001. 

They consistently pursue excellence and outstanding performance for our clients while thinking critically and independently. They are able to generate enormous value for their customers thanks to their rigorous investing approach, business culture, which supports and facilitates clear, distinct thinking, and flexibility to apply their abilities to portfolios with no size restrictions. 

Superior investment thinking results from leveraging one’s wide skill set and previous investing expertise. In the end, this produces fantastic benefits for their investors.

Email – info@camissa-am.com

Website – https://www.camissa-am.com/

Phone number – +27 21 673 6300

Address: Fifth Floor MontClare Place Cnr Campground and Main Roads Claremont 7708

Go Industry

One of the top companies offering asset management services is GoIndustry DoveBid. If you have idle or surplus assets that are no longer needed, they can assist you to determine their value, determine whether they may be used elsewhere in your organization, and, if not, sell them on your behalf at the auction.

GoIndustry DoveBid (Go-Dove), a Liquidity Services marketplace, is an online auction platform that seamlessly connects buyers of Industrial equipment with sellers from leading manufacturers. Go-Dove offers buyers excellent deals on surplus assets in over 500 categories, with thousands of items auctioned off every week.

GoIndustry Three key benefits are used by DoveBid to approach the market. Firstly, the fact that they have a wide worldwide reach enables them to offer these services wherever they are required. 

Second, the majority of their transactions take place online, which increases efficiency and convenience for both buyers and sellers whether it concerns a single piece of machinery or an entire manufacturing line.

 Third, their market expertise spans several industrial areas and is unmatched. They have acquired data from auctions all around the world since 2000, with more than 1500 auctions in 2007 alone. For the benefit of all of their clients, they utilize this vast data source every day through precise assessments and evaluations.

Email – investorrelations@LiquidityServicesinc.com 

Website – Go-Dove

Phone number – +27 (0) 21 702 3206

Address: Silverwood Cl, Tokai, Western Cape, 7945, South Africa, Cape Town.

Centaur Asset Management

Finding excellent investing possibilities is challenging, but the true challenge is seizing them. On your behalf, Centaur Asset Management recognizes and accepts these difficulties.

The company was established in 2000 with the goal of generating money for its chosen clientele. The cautious strategy used by Centaur Asset Management has produced exceptional results.

They take great delight in treating your money as if it were their own and are unwavering in their belief that they can consistently outperform the market by applying a methodical strategy and excellent judgment.

Email – admin@centaur.co.za

Website – Centaur Asset Management

Phone number – +27 21 685 2408

Address: Great Westerford Building, 240 Main Road, Cape Town. 

Flagship Private Asset Management

Flagship Asset Management is a full-service boutique asset manager for seasoned South Africans who want to develop, maintain, and protect their investments. It was founded in 2001 and is entirely owned by staff and directors.

They actually understand what matters to their clients because of their history of investing in international marketplaces. No matter the turmoil the future may bring, they are dedicated to providing outstanding performance across all of our funds.

No matter where we may find them in the world, they have the potential to expand your assets and seize chances for you via focus and competence. With those who know, your future is secure.

Email – info@flagshipsa.com 

Website – https://flagshipsa.com/

Phone number – +27 (0) 21 794 3140

Address: Main Rd, Constantia, Western Cape, 7806, South Africa, Cape Town. 

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