Case Study

Enhancing Municipal Efficiency through Effective Fixed Asset Management

Case Study


Synergy Evolution, recently collaborated with Botswana United Revenue Services (BURS) on an international scale to enhance their fixed asset management processes. 

This case study delves into the details of the project, its execution, and the outstanding results achieved.

Project Overview

  • Client: Botswana United Revenue Services (BURS)
  • Execution Level: International
  • Contact Person: Maatlametlo Gaseitsiwe (
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Description of Work: Fixed Asset Management and Related Tasks, including the supply of Asset Management & Accounting Services, and the physical verification & reconciliation of the Fixed Asset Register (FAR).
  • Value of Contract: 1,200,000.00 ZAR
  • Asset Count: 10,000

Challenges And Objectives

Botswana United Revenue Services (BURS) faced challenges in efficiently managing their extensive asset portfolio. 

The primary objectives of our client were to streamline fixed asset management processes, provide accurate accounting services, and ensure compliance with international standards.

Solution Provided

Our asset management company implemented a comprehensive solution covering physical verification and reconciliation of the Fixed Asset Register (FAR). 

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry expertise, our team worked diligently to enhance BURS’s asset management capabilities.

Implementation Process

  • A systematic approach to physical verification and reconciliation was adopted.
  • Advanced asset management tools were employed to ensure accuracy and efficiency.
  • Collaborative efforts with BURS facilitated a seamless integration of the new processes.

Client Collaboration

Close collaboration with Maatlametlo Gaseitsiwe and the BURS team ensured a deep understanding of their specific needs.

Regular updates and feedback sessions were conducted to align our efforts with BURS’s expectations.

Results and Impact

  • Successful physical verification and reconciliation of 10,000 assets.
  • Achieved an unqualified audit opinion for BURS.
  • Improved accuracy and compliance with international asset management standards.

Client Feedback

Maatlametlo Gaseitsiwe expressed satisfaction with the project outcomes, emphasizing the efficiency and precision of the implemented asset management solutions.

The unqualified audit opinion reflected the success of our collaborative efforts.

Reflection And Recommendations

The importance of thorough physical verification in asset management projects.

The value of ongoing collaboration for optimal results.

Based on our experience with BURS, we recommend a proactive approach to asset management, including regular reviews and updates to maintain accuracy and compliance.


Our collaboration with Botswana United Revenue Services exemplifies our commitment to delivering effective asset management solutions on an international scale. 

The success of this project, marked by an unqualified audit opinion, demonstrates our ability to overcome challenges and provide tangible results. 

As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to supporting organizations in optimizing their asset management practices.

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