Case Study

Transforming Asset Management For the Office Of The Presidency

Case Study


Synergy Evolution, a leading asset management company, successfully partnered with the Office of the Presidency (OOP) on a national scale, delivering unparalleled services in the realm of Fixed Asset Management. 

This case study delves into the details of the project, highlighting the challenges faced, solutions provided, and the outstanding results achieved.

Project Overview

  • Client: Office of the Presidency (OOP)
  • Execution Level: National
  • Contact Persons: Dineo Kau (, Nkhensani Muthobi (
  • Duration: 3 Months (Including Annual System Subscription)
  • Description of Work: Fixed Asset Management and Related Tasks, Supply of Asset Management & Accounting Services, Physical Verification & Reconciliation of Fixed Asset Register (FAR), Asset Management System Implementation: Support & Maintenance Services
  • Value of Contract: 700,000.00 ZAR
  • Asset Count: 20,000


We embarked on a comprehensive journey with the Office of the Presidency to enhance their Fixed Asset Management processes. 

The project encompassed the supply of cutting-edge Asset Management & Accounting Services, including the meticulous physical verification and reconciliation of the extensive Fixed Asset Register (FAR). 

The implementation also involved the deployment of a robust Asset Management System, coupled with ongoing Support & Maintenance Services.

Challenges And Solutions

The magnitude of managing 20,000 assets at a national level posed a significant challenge. However, we leveraged its expertise to streamline the physical verification process, ensuring accuracy and completeness in the FAR. 

The implementation of the Asset Management System provided a centralized and efficient platform for tracking, managing, and optimizing assets across diverse locations.

Results And Impact

The culmination of efforts resulted in a remarkable achievement – the Office of the Presidency received an unqualified audit opinion. 

The successful implementation of the Fixed Asset Management system and related tasks not only improved operational efficiency but also ensured compliance with regulatory standards. 

The project’s impact extended beyond the initial 3-month duration, thanks to the inclusion of an Annual System Subscription, providing continued value to the OOP.

Client Testimonials

Dineo Kau“Synergy Evolution demonstrated unparalleled commitment and expertise in transforming our asset management processes. The unqualified audit opinion is a testament to their dedication to excellence.”

Nkhensani Muthobi“The asset count of 20,000 was no small feat, but Synergy Evolution handled it with precision. Their systematic approach and advanced technology solutions have significantly enhanced our asset management capabilities.”


AS Synergy Evolution is proud to have played a pivotal role in elevating the Office of the Presidency’s Fixed Asset Management practices to new heights. 

This successful collaboration showcases the company’s commitment to delivering innovative and effective asset management solutions on a national scale.

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