Inventory Management Software: Optimize Inventory Levels

Access cloud-based inventory management software from anywhere & easily streamline inventory process, eliminate stock-out issue forever, get accurate inventory counts with full control over inventory & visibility.

Inventory Management Software For All Your Inventory Needs!

Set Inventory Re-order Level

Our inventory management solution allows you to set re-order levels for each item. Moreover, you can define different stock levels for various locations.

Get Alerts & Notifications

Whenever the inventory goes below the defined level the system alerts & notifies the team. It is one of the most essential features of inventory management.

Precise Data on Fingertips

Get stock availability information of all locations. Retrieve precise reports on purchase and inventory consumption. You can add, move, or draw inventory from one location to another.


Track inventory & supply chain movement easily.

Our inventory management & tracking solution accurately utilizes barcode, QR Code, RFID, NFC tags. These tags are extremely helpful in precise location inventory tracking. Few more highlights of our inventory management software are mentioned below.
Easy Stock Management
Streamline Inventory Management Process
Maintain Complete Inventory List
Purchase Order History

Manage right inventory level at right location at right time

Inventory tracking & management software helps organizations in optimizing their stock-levels & minimize inventory expenses. This software allow you to put all crucial information at a single place.

Switch from Excels and Spreadsheets to a Cloud-Based Asset Management Software

Explore our other features

Asset tracking software tracks & monitors all the crucial assets & their performance. It helps in keeping track of assets & optimizes asset performance as well.
For asset maintenance, maintenance team needs spare parts & for this purchase order is created & order is received.
Asset verification is crucial for the asset auditing process. Moreover, the condition of each asset is also checked and tracked in the asset audit procedure.
Keep assets maintained & perform asset maintenance before breakdown occurs. With preventive maintenance, you can optimize asset performance as well.
Every incident is recorded, and the incident management team tries to resolve the incident quickly so that damage control can be done as quickly as possible.
Utility tracking can be helpful in minimizing utility bills. As utility tracking alert you on daily basis about utility consumption.
In a huge organization, item requisition is important because it decreases the chances of fraudulent activities and makes operations organized.
For asset maintenance, maintenance team needs spare parts & for this purchase order is created & order is received.
Keep track of assets, schedule maintenance, make changes in operation with your mobile when you are away from your office!
Asset Infinity is hosted on Microsoft Azure and has enterprise grade security built-in.
We understand the value of our clients, that is why we believe in going extra mile for customers and provide support 24*7.
Our software is developed in a way so that integration can be done easily. We know an organization uses several applications and data collected from these applications is used to increase efficiency.

Simplify assets & equipment tracking and maintenance with Asset Infinity

From small teams to large enterprise teams have found our asset management solution extremely useful for asset tracking, maintenance and streamlining their entire asset life cycle.

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